Two years ago I stood at MTH and claimed I would be a wedding photographer. I am now ready to stake a claim on that declaration.


I will be taking a long hiatus from Jessica Lee Media to focus all of my attention on building Jessica Lee Photography.


I am super excited about this new transition and I can’t wait to reveal some of the things I have already been working on!


Thanks to all of my AMAZING clients who have supported me in Jessica Lee Media. It was a true pleasure working with you to discover and develop key elements for your visual brand. Without you, it wouldn’t have been the success I had always dreamed it could be!



I’m so excited to be a mentor this year for Thirst Relief’s Mentor Auction starting January 31st at 11PM EST.


Not familiar with Thirst Relief? They are a non-profit who provides clean water to those in need around the world.

Through their Mentor Auction, Thirst Relief will enable you to bid on eBay for a 90-minute instructional session with some of the best photographers in the business! That means you have the chance to spend 90 minutes with me, learning the ins and outs of branding your photography. This is an opportunity to review of all of your visual brand items, to include, but not limited to, your portfolio, website, blog, paper goods, etc. to help you develop and create a consistent visual message. Plus, you will have the opportunity to work with me to create a completely new, custom identity.


100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief, meaning all that money goes towards saving the lives of those in need! Last time, the Mentor Auction gave over 8,000 people clean water – just WOW!!


There’s just one thing I need you to do before the auction starts:


Tell all your friends!!


Please help me spread the word by sharing this on Facebook, Tweet about it, post it on Instagram, Pin it – anything to get it out there!


You can get more info about the auction here:



and, be sure to check the auction out starting January 31st at 11PM EST here:



See you there!


While wearing my designer hat, I’ve been a busy bee:

Revamping Jessica Lee Media – less ‘look at my pretty work’ and more ‘lets get down to business’ – providing more information about the services I provide (logo, identity, website and branding packages), the cost, plus, most importantly, what is included in each package. 2011 was a HUGE year for me in business – figuring out what my brand is, who my ideal client is, how to best work for them, how to run a business effectively – Still not a well-oiled machine but working on getting there for sure!

I also created the JLM Collection, style groups for Showit websites. I produced this line of styles to offer small businesses an affordable alternative to building a custom website. This collection offers freedom and flexibility, providing those without the technical know-how to expand on an already constructed design style. I’m right there trying to live the dream too.. My goal with the JLM Collection is to provide new business’s that initial step up, giving them an opportunity to strategically create their own unique selling point and ultimately allowing them to distinguish themselves from their competition.

I recently had the pleasure of releasing a NEW custom Showit website design for the ever fab, uber talented Ms Cassie Jones of Cassie Jones Photography (more on that coming soon!).

While all that was going on, behind the scenes, in my personal life I was.. well, am.. making a baby!! My best creation TO DATE!!

I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps while I figure out this new identity, but would you look at that belly.. yeah, no longer hiding that my friends.. haha!

Until recently, I’ve been dealing with all sorts of emotions, ranging from severe depression – having to mourn my old life, lifestyle and what will be the biggest/hardest change for me, my career goals and plans.. to shear elation – I have this new life growing inside of me, my husband’s child. I could seriously not love that man more than I do now!! Even now, the tears well up thinking about this baby, a part of both of us, unifying us forever. What an amazing plan from God, truly!

I’m at week 16 and I’m just starting to feel the baby move. With each flutter, a love so fierce burns in my heart. A deeper understanding of God and His love for us. He knew me before I even came to be.. loved me so much that He sacrificed His only son so that I might choose life. A love I never truly understood until now! just.. WOW

It’s not fun watching EVERYTHING get bigger, but I am excited that I’ve finally gone from looking like I had a good steak dinner to whoa.. there is a baby in there! haha.. fun!!