I’m so excited to see Kristin and Tyler’s Spring Lake New Jersey engagement photos published on Aisle Perfect. A perfect collection of glowing light and whimsical inspiration! You can view the full feature here or some snippets below!








Un-Jersey Bride has published Emily and Kevin’s Blairstown engagement photos! It was such a pleasure photographing this engagement session. I adored Emily’s vintage details and the color choices she chose that just complimented the rustic environment that surrounded them. You can view the full feature here or some snippets below!



Emily and Kevin's Blairstown Engagement Session with Jessica Lee

Emily and Kevin's Blairstown Engagement Session with Jessica Lee Photography (www.jessicaleephoto.com)



I always encourage couples to use props in an engagement session, it’s a great way to personalize their experience.



Think of things you like to do together – it could be going on a picnic, checking out a local amusement park or enjoying a great glass of wine together. It can be as simple as incorporating a few items from your favorite coffee shop or as elaborate as a fully stylized shoot (my personal favorite).



What ever you decide to do, make it your own, keep it meaningful and have fun with it.



I believe that engagement photos are best when they highlight the relationship and show who you are as a couple.




Finding unique gifts for your groomsmen can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to wedding-related man items. Your friends are probably very diverse in their hobbies and interests so, to keep things easy, you will want to accomplish a few goals with the groomsmen gifts: make it a little personal, a bit practical, and round it out with it being some cool man gear.





Move away from the standard cliche and go for something a little less traditional that they’ll use for years. Try,

1     THE WOOD SIX PACK  Each carrier is designed to hold any style 12oz beer bottle.

2     LEATHER IPAD ENVELOPE  Soft chrome leather with a magnetic closure, linen lining and a laser-engraved initial.

3     BESPOKEPOST  Curated theme sets that allow you to choose specifically for each personality in your bridal party.


You can find other unique groomsmen gifts on my Pinterest board, Gifting the Groomsmen.



I believe the goal of any marriage is to achieve a true blending of hearts and lives. I love the idea of a unity ceremony, symbolizing the idea that in a strong and healthy partnership, joys are multiplied and sorrows divided when you share them.


As with any unity ceremony, the wine ceremony represents the two individual lives being combined. Although one may find it sweet and the other dry, it serves as a reminder of how we may perceive things differently, but being right is never more important. The sharing and drinking of the combined wines signifies this and the commitment made to each other to live as one family. (source)


Personalized ceremonies with heartfelt words and rich significance get me every time. Here are some other unique unity ceremony ideas that have a deep-rooted meaning,


1     THE TREE CEREMONY  Symbolizes the roots of the relationship. Like the deep roots of any tree, it gives us a firm base from which to grow.


2     THE KNOT CEREMONY  One of the simplest knots to tie, but the strongest there is; it will not break, and will only become stronger when under pressure.


3     THE TASTING OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS  Four elements – salt, sour, spice and sweet – demonstrate the challenges in life you will face together.