As Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I thought I’d post a few gifts on my wish list for 2013.



1     I already mentioned how much I LOOOOVE this Love Ballad Tunic from ModCloth. Working from home while chasing after a 7-month-old, I barely have time to change out of my pajamas! I love the idea of being able to throw this on with some leggings and feel presentable if I needed to run out for formula or have an impromptu Skype chat with a client.


2     This purse from Betsey Johnson is so much fun! Quilted hearts.. big black bow.. gold hardware.. yes please!


3     I love the message that comes with this delicate, hand crafted necklace – ‘The most beautiful things in the world are like whispers. They cannot be seen or touched… They must be heard by the heart. Wear your necklace as a reminder to listen.’


4    These gold heart earrings are a simple addition to dress up a casual outfit. I love how plump they are!


5     Since my home office is a shared space, headphones are essential! These Heart Beats headphones (Lady Gaga for Beats by Dr. Dre) speak directly to my inner punk! Functional + stylish.. a must have!


6     Who doesn’t love bokeh? but heart bokeh.. I die! Check out other bokeh-inspired images by NY photographer, Chelsea Victoria, here.


7     I’m total team coffee! This mug, with it’s unusual gold heart, would be the go-to choice for my am coffee with God


What’s on the top of your wish list this year?



I have loved hearts in fashion for a while now! With Valentine’s day around the corner, I thought it fitting to collect some of my favorite pieces I found on Pinterest.



1     I LOOOOVE this Love Ballad Tunic from ModCloth. I think the versatility of it is limitless.

2     A fabulous DIY design for Heart Print Jeans from My Little Secrets.

3     I think this sweater would be super cute for a casual look with black jeggins and wedge sneakers. Here are some additional angles.

4    I love elbow patches and the We’re Young at Heart Sweater gives a different spin on the standard patch. Another must-have from ModCloth.

5     I’m seriously all about scarves and the whimsical print of this Heart Print Wool-Silk Scarf would compliment any outfit.

6     Elbow patch!! I love how the coral patch pops, a nice design detail on the Little Intarsia Heart Sweater created by Chinti & Parker for Goop (founded by Gwyneth Paltrow).


Which pick is your favorite?