Last week I started The Make Up Of A Brand Series, deconstructing the Wikipedia definition for a brand: any feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services different from those of other sellers.

All to often, the word brand or branding is used in the wrong manner (more on what a brand is, coming soon!), and confused with a brand identity. In the second part of this series, we will talk about brand identity.

The brand identity is any visual aspect that forms a part of the overall brand. It can be:

  1. A Logo (the symbol or icon that represents the entire identity and brand)
  2. A Color Palette or Scheme (the color palette contains all of the colors used in a project.. the color scheme is the intention for which the colors will be used)
  3. Any Graphics or Patterns (used to create style and appeal)
  4. Stationery (business cards, letterhead, personal note cards, envelopes, etc.)
  5. Marketing Materials (newsletters, website, blog, product look book, etc)
  6. Products & Packaging (products that you sell and the packaging in which you deliver it in)
  7. Apparel Design (t-shirts, uniforms, etc)
  8. A Slogan or Saying (a messages that is conveyed through direct (t-shirt) or indirect (commercial) modes of communication)
  9. A Character (a company mascot – ie.. the Geico gecko)
  10. Images (any image that represents a company brand – ie.. fashion adds or a photographer’s post processing style)

Three of my favorite brand identities that need no naming!

all images found on Pinterest

When sitting down with your designer to develop your brand identity, here are some things to think about:

// Does it reflect the personality and values of your business?

// Does it create value for your work?

// Does it speak to multiple audiences – including current customers, potential customers and those naysayer’s?

// Do the graphics or patterns chosen support the impression you wish to give of your potential client?

// Is it consistent around one single idea or message?

Hope this helps you when you sit down to define the brand identity of your business!