Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

JLP_2016 Valentine Shopping Guide


I can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s day! So, today I’m sharing fourteen of my favorite finds to give your someone special on February fourteenth! Whether you’re shopping for him or her, this gift guide has got you covered!


1. Posy Court Small Heart Dish: For your new fiance, a place to hold her new engagement ring.


2. Sailor’s Knot Bangle: The fisherman’s knot is one of the simplest to tie. It is also one of the sturdiest, as stress is applied, the knot becomes ever stronger. With this gift, your love will feel secure in the knowledge your relationship will continue to be strong despite the inevitable changes life brings.


3. Powerbeats by Dr. Dre: These in-ear headphones pump out massive bass and ultra smooth vocals, perfect for the music lover in your life.


4. Walk in Love T-Shirt: Give someone you love this simple tee with a secret message inside.


5. SpareOne: This emergency phone is perfect for those prepper’s! Because it runs on two AA batteries, it is the best companion for life’s adventures and unexpected situations.


6. Fitbit Zip: The perfect fitness gift for the one you love to help them tracks steps, distance and calories burned.


7. William Sonoma Spice Block: Filled with 22 glass vials of premium herbs and spices, this set is perfect for a spiceologist at heart.


8. iPad/iPod Stand: This handmade item is perfect for your techy. Sleek, comfortable for working or watching, and it doubles as a charging dock.


9. The Carry on Cocktail: Who doesn’t like a mid-flight cocktail? This gift is perfect for those who travel often.


10. 2016 Planner: For your organized gal. Filled with weekend suggestions, an eccentric sticker page, and a pocketed back cover, this quirky agenda will help her keep her schedule straight!


11. NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil: This jumbo lip pencil will be a great addition to your girls makeup arsenal!


12. Graham Briefcase: For your working guy or gal. This briefcase embodies classic sophistication. (With it’s many interior and exterior pockets, it can also do double duty as a diaper bag!)


13. S’well Bottle: This beautifully crafted bottle keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, and it’s 25oz holds an entire bottle of wine.. just saying!


14. Portable BBQ: Does your main squeeze like to camp or maybe tailgate? This portable grill is a great way to grill your food wherever you are.


Jessica Lee Photography-Wedding Photographer-Helpful Hint Wednesday_0001

In this three part series, we talked about having an Instawedding and creating a #weddinghashtag for your guests to use on Instagram and Twitter, then crowd sourcing those snapshots in a virtual album to browse through later. To round up the series, I will be talking about, a live Instagram feed for your wedding event.


It’s super easy:
1    Go to’s sister site (specifically tailored for weddings)
2    Register for a free account on the site and create a free trial for your event
3    Display our website at your venue, either on large screens, through a projector or just on a TV
4    The slideshow tells your guests to take photos on Instagram and add a hashtag
5    Your guests see their photo appear on the screen real time


View More:

Sharing allows us to bring others into our experiences. Live Instagram slideshows are a fantastic way to offer the people that mean the most to you the opportunity to capture your wedding through their eyes and share with you the memories created.


Jessica Lee Photographer-Helpful Hints-Image

Will you be having any fun activities at your wedding reception? I would love to see how you plan to celebrate your event! Please share with me all the details you’re cooking up : )


Jessica Lee Photography_Helpful Hint Wednesday_15


I would always defer to a professional to capture timeless photographs of your wedding day (!!), but what about the day through the eyes of your guests?! The hilarious antics of your high-school besties, the kind notes missed with your forgotten #weddinghashtag, or unexpected shots captured by your grams. These are the gems that will spark nostalgia years later.


When I got married, I left disposable cameras on each table. I was left with some good and some, oh. so. bad! haha! Today it is easy to crowd source by using apps to gather all those guest close-ups.


1.     With Eversnap, collecting those images are a breeze, sign up to create your album and unique album code. Instruct your guests to download the app and enter your album code (they have super fun instruction cards you can leave for your guests at their seat) when signing in. They can then add photos and video directly to your album all night long.

Cost: $99 – $399


2.      Capstory allows guests to text message captured moments to your capsule or personal photo album. This high-end app allows you to download (high-res) your personal favorites, has professional retouching and their team will design two luxury keepsake photo books for you.. wow!

Cost: $500


3.     With Snapable, you can see your wedding from their point of view when a copy of each photo taken automatically is added to your album. It’s that easy! I love how you can then share favorite photos or the entire album via the social media platform of your choice.

Cost: $49


Want the same opportunity, without the price tag?! Check out these other, FREE options:
Wedding Party App


Tell me: Would you ask your guests to download any of these apps for your wedding?


Jessica Lee Photography_Helpful Hint Wednesday_14


It’s crazy to think how much technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings. Advancements in technology and user-friendly social media platforms have made wedding photography even more accessible than ever. Personally, you’re paying good money to host your wedding, give your guests permission to experience it rather than spend time recording it.


However, if you’re the type that needs to see every. single. picture. then Instagram is an amazing

tool to do just that. You will need these (free) tools:

• Instagram mobile app

• Predetermined wedding hashtag (Quick Tip: before you begin, search your chosen #hashtag to make sure no one else is currently using it)


For those not already familiar..

Instagram, it is a fun application available on your iPhone or Android that allows you to take a picture, slap a filter on it, then post it. You can also instantly share said image on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.


Hashtags use the pound sign (or hash) to turn any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link. This allows you to organize content and track topics based on those keywords you create.


Jessica Lee Photography_New Jersey Wedding Photographer_Instagram Weddings_0002

Create a hashtag that is unique to your wedding, think: a combination of your names and a date, inside joke or whatever is unique to you as a couple! Then let your guests know through signage, invites, or programs. When your guests upload their images and adds your custom #hashtag (in the caption section), your photos will then be searchable and stored in one place. After, while you wait to board the plane to your honeymoon, you can look through the candid moments captured.


Stayed tuned for the next Helpful Hints.. I’ll be talking about how to collect all those candids your guests took into one place and how you can create a real-time slideshow for your event!


Jessica Lee Photography_Helpful Hint Wednesday_13


The invitations are assembled and envelopes stuffed, addressed and sealed. Now, for your last step, postage and mailing!


Planning For Postage


When determining your invitation budget, postage should be one of the things you plan for. Nothing is more disheartening then having box full of your stationery returned for insufficient postage. Take into consideration the weight, size, shape and thickness of the final assembled piece. In addition to the postage, surcharges may apply:


• Overweight envelopes (over 1 oz) – add 20 cents per additional ounce up to 3 oz

• Oversized envelopes (more than 6.25” tall) – add 20 cents

• “Odd” shaped envelopes, ie. Square – add 20 cents

• Thickness (more than 1/4” thick; think knotted ribbons or a high stack of enclosures) –
add 20 cents



For example, if your wedding invitation is extra thick – because your getting married at the beach, you’re simply dying over the events nautical theme and you just had to include that love knot – the additional postage incurred will be 20 cents for every ounce over one (up to three ounces), plus 20 cents for being more than 1/4″ thick. With 100+ invitations to send, that sure does add up quickly! Bring one finished ensemble piece to the post office to determine any necessary postage.



Put A Stamp On It


After all that sweat equity, don’t ruin the cohesive look of your paper suite by sticking any regular stamp on it. There are a couple options when picking a customizable stamp: Zazzle is perfect with two options, pick one or design your own. Picture it Postage or if you want full control over the design process. Finally, you can always browse the special stamps at



Hand Cancel


Each letter will go through a process called “cancellation”, ensuring the stamp cannot be reused, when postmarked. This is done with a metal stamp through a high-speed machine.. ouch! Therefore, hand-cancellation (processed by hand) is often recommended instead. By bypassing the large processing machines, hand canceling minimizes the amount of stamping, bar codes, and other marks the post office automatically puts on mailings. The process also ensures your invitations don’t get caught, torn, or misshapen by running through the machines.



Some other quick tips to remember when mailing your wedding invitations:

• Plan to make two trips – once to have your assembled invite weighed and the other when they are ready to be mailed.

• Make your trip during off-peak times. The post office is packed most often first thing in the morning and during lunchtime.

• Avoid the main branch, they process the mail for the entire city. In a smaller branch, you will have more time with the staff to
answer any questions you may have.