Simplicity is the name of the game around here lately. The more I have on my to do list, the more I attempt to tackle during my small pockets of work time. For me, this always results in me getting frustrated when those hours don’t stretch long enough. What I noticed this month was that I was too ambitious with my February goals, it added clutter vs true intentional forward movement. Also, I’m a planner. I like to have a goal, then break it into smaller, more manageable steps to follow. I did this on my tending list and it created a lot of chaos for me (mainly due to jam packing the page with writing). In hindsight, this caused me to shut down instead of feeling inspired.



Not setting myself up for true success has now pushed my official maternity leave date to April 1st. However, I decided to still start (semi) maternity now – with the intention of doing only two business tasks per week and allowing myself to let go of the rest. My mind screams for rest! and to get our home ready for our newest little. I can only do this by stripping away what doesn’t matter, adds noise, and is a total time suck, and adding in things that tend to myself and my family.


Revisiting my goals for February:


1. Plan a garden + flower beds with Shelvie


2. Work on setting up my meal plan board :: I began this and it was time intensive for sure – searching and printing the recipes, slipping them into sleeve protectors, categorizing, etc. Then, someone introduced me to Paprika.. the heaven’s parted and my mind was blown! I highly recommend this app for anyone struggling to meal plan and find a routine that works for them.


3. Learn how to manage and run TLS + Happy Lawns (Shelvie’s business’s) :: Shelvie and I spent four hours one day going over how to run Total Landscape Solutions. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought and I feel more confident if something were to happen and I needed to take over. We still have to go over Happy Lawns.


4. Date night with Shelvie :: Instead of celebrating Valentine’s day together this year, we decided to make it about family and celebrated by eating (our love language) at Longhorn Steakhouse, our new favorite restaurant for some time now (not your typical chain restaurant.. steaks are perfect every time!).


5. Pick and learn about a fruit of the spirit :: I’m still working through my devotional


6. Read: The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old :: I’m about half way through both of these books.


7. Research and look into creating a will/living will


8. Konmarie: finish tidying clothing; move on to books and papers :: Still on clothing.. meh. I haven’t fully adopted the method (yikes!), thus, still working through it.


9. Work on JLP workflows: client + ordering albums


10. Blog at least once a week :: I didn’t blog the last week of February but I did blog four times – calling that a success!


11. Read You and Me Forever with Shelvie :: We didn’t get through as much of this book as I had hoped, but we started.. small steps (!!), as this is a new thing for us to do together.


12. Set up Quickbooks for JLP :: I fought this every step of the way, originally looking at and more watered down/easier to navigate software. Because it doesn’t do a complete overview of the year, it’s not something my accountant can work with. I now have to embrace Quickbooks.. boo!


March goals:


Freezer meal prep
– Pack hospital bag
– Write out birth plan using the sheet included from the hospital
– Wash and put away baby clothes, 0-3 months
– Book family vacation to Hershey, (to coincide with) 10k, half-marathon
– Finish reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old
– Contact social worker about adoption
– Dig into Shoot Flow
– Date night with Shelvie

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