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I’m so excited about the new website refresh. With a more defined core, my hope is that newly engaged couples who visit Jessica Lee Photography, will see my heart for wedding photography. I believe that a wedding means nothing without a marriage. An intentional and deeply meaningful wedding should be documented and displayed throughout the home. Pointing your heart back to that day, to stand on the promises of the commitment you made when times are tough.





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Specializing in a modern blend of photo-journalistic coverage and beautiful wedding portraiture, I look for and document the heartfelt emotions of the couple on their wedding day. I believe it’s not just the couple that makes the marriage, but those they surround themselves with. With that in mind, I make sure that those relationships and interactions are captured as well. My hearts desire is to create an authentic and joyful representation, documented in a timeless manner, so a couple can instantly connect with the moment portrayed in their photographs.



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My goal with the refresh is to offer couples an opportunity to instantly connect with me. My hope is that I’m not just ‘the wedding photographer’, but their ‘friend’, who so happens to be photographing their wedding day.


Jessica Lee Photography


I’m so excited to release the fresh new design for Jessica Lee Photography. I’m even more excited about this final giveaway planned, a Love Session, for one lucky couple. Whether you’ve been together five months or five years, I want to celebrate the true heart of your love.


Jessica Lee Photography















Winning Couple Will Receive
a 1.5 hour session (engagement or anniversary portraits)
Clean, modern style edits on your entire collection
Delivery* of 10 high-resolution images with personal reproduction release
Online gallery to share and print any image
(For the lucky lady) Complimentary Hair and Make Up for the session**

How To Enter

e-mail with LOVE SESSION GIVEAWAY in the subject
Your full names
Tell me about yourselves/ how you met/ interests
(If you have a Pinterest account(s), please include a link)
Include a picture of the two of you together (I will use this to announce the winner!)
Social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (I will tag the winning couple)


Couple must live in the NJ area
Agree on a session location within 1.5hrs of Rockaway, NJ
Pick a session date in June 2015
Winning couple is responsible for signing of Portrait contract


Jessica Lee Photography


The opportunity to win this will end MONDAY ( 4/13 ) at 9pm EST. The winner will be announced that THURSDAY ( 4/16 ).


* Delivery through instant download.
** I’m teaming up with Kim Frezza of Tre Chique to give her a pampering session, to include hair styling and make up application, for her portrait session with me. I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Kim, she is suuuper talented at what she does and I am super picky!! Just look at the amazing job she did for my interview.


The Southern Weddings mission is ‘to inspire brides to cultivate a life full of love — celebrating their families, the culture of the South, and what matters most to them — and then to draw from that rich well to create a meaningful beginning to married life’. I love how the focus is redirected to what is most important – keeping love and marriage at the center of wedding-planning. The SW magazine supports this mission by providing practical advice, along side beautiful inspiration. Where family, tradition, and the intention of pointing peoples minds and hearts to what is happening that day their main focus.


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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, I mean, it’s not like you do this everyday! What questions do you ask your vendors, how do you create a realistic budget, do you write our own vows – the Southern Weddings Planner, with it’s interactive worksheets, will give you the tools to feel confident and equipped throughout your planning process.


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I’m a strong believer that a wedding means nothing without a marriage. I’m beyond thrilled to be partnering with SW to give one lucky lady a wedding planner to help her build a marriage with intention; and the ability to use it as a keepsake and draw from it during the many years of her marriage.


Head over to Instagram to be sure to get in on this awesome giveaway, you definitely don’t want to miss this one!


‘A Photograph is a Biography of a Moment’ – Art Shay


This is my favorite quote, hands down. It’s represents how I feel about photographs and why I am so passionate that life be documented. I love how a photograph, in a flash, can transport you back to a specific moment in your life.




Take this photograph for instance. To anyone, it just looks like a selfie. Looking at this image, I instantly connect with one of my most favorite moments in my life. We are newly married here and at the first destination of a five island, fourteen day honeymoon (I had never been out of the country before then, to say I was excited was an understatement!). On an ATV excursion in the Dominican Republic, we kept getting into trouble because we would hang back from the group and attempt to do donuts in the sand (We were such trouble makers that we even got two other guys into trouble too! haha). To get to this part of the Island we had to travel over a small stream, that, with all the rain that day (it was the tail end of hurricane season), experienced a flash flood and was up to my hips on the way back. I almost got swept away in the current and had to have two guys sit on my ATV for the weight. ahh.. good fun! haha! We took many great photographs that trip. Of all 853 of them, this simple, uncomplicated selfie, grabs my heart every time!


I sometimes sit on things for far to long and all those important moments get replaced with other, new, important moments.  One of this years goals is to document and display our lives. Life moves quickly, I want to be able to connect with those moments instantly. I can not if they are tucked away (even if they are in neat categories) on my hard drive.


One common theme I discovered, was the lack of ease in being able to print. Honestly, who has the time?! Instantly Framed solved that for me, creating a fast and easy way to print my Instagram, Camera, Photo Library or Facebook photographs.



Instantly Framed


The process is seamless and takes seconds. The result, a beautifully framed (12×12) memory.



Jessica Lee Photography - Instantly Framed Photograph


One of the main three words for the brand refresh is ‘enduring’. I want this new look to represent what I’m most passionate about, getting the images off the DVD (thumb drive, hard drive.. take your pick) and onto your walls. I want that moment to have the opportunity to stop you dead in your tracks. To tell your story as it gets passed through the hands of each generation. I believe that photographs, not storage, can withstand that journey. That is one of the things I want the JLP collection to stand for and be known for; to attract the kind of couples who want exactly that.


I’m so excited to be partnering with Instantly Framed to provide one lucky lady (or gent) the opportunity to document a meaningful moment in their lives. Head over to Instagram to be sure to get in on this awesome giveaway!



UPDATED: The winner is Instagram user, @jenlh1226