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Can I take a second to brag on these girls for just a minute?! Five years ago, five carefree 21-year-olds put into place a system that has radically changed the lives of women, their families and their surrounding communities. Um, I can tell you were I was at at 21?! Yeah.


They created a profound movement, using fashion and design to help empower the women of Uganda to rise above poverty.


“In a place where beauty and hope were once concealed, jewelry became a symbol of life” – 31 Bits


Jewelry, created with beads cut from strips of unused posters, newspapers and text books, means income, education and stability to the women in the program. In exchange, every lady is determined to create each piece with the highest standard for quality.


Attached, is their story. Each piece signifies the determination of one women who is fighting for her life and that of her family. As a momma, I can connect with that, it is profound and earns my deepest respect. These pieces (or anything for that matter), artfully crafted by hand, is a dying art. In this day, with products mainly manufactured by machine, the ownership of such a piece is significant.


I’m so proud to be partnering with 31 Bits, a company who deeply cares and believes that with every purchase you make you can either negatively or positively impact the world. Who has taken a simple product like jewelry and made it a vehicle for doing something good.


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One lucky lady (or man, for his lady) will win the Lupine Jumble. A piece, that I believe, will be a meaningful addition to any wedding event. Head over to Instagram to be sure to get in on this awesome giveaway!



UPDATED: The winner is Instagram user, @vanessajoy


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There is something insanely romantic about having a special place to hold your wedding band. Simply, ‘his’ and ‘hers’, a statement that holds the truth that he is yours and you are his. It’s the legacy you are now writing; these two small bowls will hold a treasured story, one that will become rich with history.



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Inspired by history and a strong sense of tradition, Paloma’s Nest believes in celebrating and honoring special moments and age-old customs by designing in a style that is timeless, to ensure that each piece created will be beautiful one hundred years from now.


I’m so excited to partner with Paloma’s Nest to give one lucky couple a set of HIS and Hers Tiny Ceramic Bowls. Handmade of fine white ceramic with a semi-matte finish, each bowl measures approximately 3.5″ in diameter. It’s perfect for your nightstand or dresser to hold your most precious accessory, your wedding band.


Head over to Instagram to be sure to get in on this awesome giveaway!


UPDATED: The winner is Instagram user, @meatsicle56


When I began to take an interest in photography, it came about quite simply, I was looking for another way to express myself creatively. Once I got through the technical aspect, I loved how I was able to create in a different medium. Easier for me than design, I believed I finally found a way for my brain and hand to communicate. My goal, create beautiful pictures of beautiful people.


When I had Ezra, my whole perspective shifted. It all became clear as I sobbed through every mother-son dance. I cried for the boy who stole my heart. Who’s boo-boo’s I kissed, butt I wiped and tucked in at night with a silent prayer to God that He not take him away from me too soon. For the son that I will raise, for this day. To be the man of someone’s dreams, the leader and protector of his own family. Knowing, that on that day, he will no longer be mine to care for.


Then, we had Piper. Oh, my sweet girl, the heart that lives outside of my body. With her, I gained a deep understanding. I was no longer photographing an event, but creating a legacy for her children and her children’s children. Their story was being written right before my eyes, I wanted to capture everything about their beginning.


Undoubtedly, becoming a momma has made me a better photographer. I see with a fresh pair of eyes. Now, it is my deepest passion to make beautiful art of sweet, honest moments.


The current JLP website has served me well as I developed my style and defined my core, but I’m excited for the refresh it’s about to get in just a few short days!


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I’ll be rolling out sneak peeks all week long, as well as doing 5 days of amazing giveaways. My party will be over on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there!