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During the 19th century, invitations were mailed two weeks before the wedding in double envelopes. Postal systems were still in their infancy and posted letters often got dirty and marked up en route. The outer envelope, containing the recipients’ address (along with the required postage), was removed by a servant and a clean, presentable inner envelope was presented to the master of the house.


Your mail may not be delivered the same today, yet the inner envelope continues to serve a purpose. It will let your guest know exactly who is or isn’t (by omission) invited to the wedding. The outer envelope may say “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ford,” the inner envelope (which uses a less formal form of address) will read, “Mr. and Mrs. Ford / Jack and Jane [another option: Jack Ford / Jane Ford],” indicating that the Ford’s kids are also invited. If the Ford’s had other children not listed, perhaps their youngest child(ren), it would mean that only the older ones were invited to attend. If Mr. and Mrs. Ford’s names appeared on the inner envelope alone, then none of their kids are invited.


The use of the inner envelope also offers you a gracious way to indicate that your guest may bring a plus-one, with either a name included or written as “and Guest” if the name isn’t known.


If you choose not to go with the inner envelope, you will want to clearly state who is invited to the wedding on the mailing envelope. Follow the same rule as with the inner envelope and write out who is to attend. In the case above, you would write Mr. and Mrs. Ford / Jack and Jane or write “and family” for a more informal approach.


It would look something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Ford
Jack and Jane
City, State  Zip Code



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Collecting your family and friends addresses can be a daunting task. Postable‘s FREE address book makes it super easy!


Dreading writing all those ‘thank yous’ after your bridal shower or wedding event? Once you have people’s addresses, Postable Cards makes writing and mailing cards to people a breeze.


How it works:
• Sign up for a free account.
• Include the direct link they generate for you into an email letting everyone know you need their home address (you can even choose to gather other important information like their birthdays, phone number and spouses name)
• Your guests then fill out a short form.
• You right a short thank you to everyone individually or write one message to everyone.


BAM! You’re done!


Postable will then print the cards on super-luxe, 100% recycled paper, stuff them, add a stamp, then send them on their way.


PS. You even get to pick the design from a collection of cards created by some pretty talented designers!


And.. It’s not just for weddings! Pick from a selection of Holiday and Everyday (ahem.. Moving!) cards too.


Check out Postable here:


‘A photograph is a biography of a moment’
Art Shay


If a photograph is a biography of a moment, then the album that holds them is more than just a fancy leather book. At Jessica Lee Photography, great care went into selecting the time-capsule of your most valued biography. Because your story deserves nothing less than a personal hand dedicated to every single detail.


I believe that meaningful images are NEVER meant to just be viewed on a screen! So often, couples will receive their digital proofs and then don’t do anything with those memories. Having a meaningful, tangible collection of your wedding day favorites, that display the biography of your wedding day is something I highly recommend!


To create every wedding heirloom, I work closely with Album Epoca. Handmade in Italy, these albums have the personal touch that can only mean the guarantee of fine quality craftsmanship. Each book has personal attention dedicated to every detail and I just love that!


I offer three sizes of wedding albums: 10×10, 12×12, and a 20×8.


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Each album can come with a matching Parent Album.



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There are two options for placing names on the front cover of the wedding album. For leather books, couples can have their names debossed or pressed into the surface of the leather. The second option is to have it engraved, saved for books with the smooth, matte black front cover.



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The 12×12 and the 20×8 books come with the smooth, matte black front cover. For couples who want something original, yet still timeless, this cover is a great choice! I just looove the weight of the cover! With a likeness to a matte metal, it is so unique. Customize the spine and back cover in a high-tech textile or leather to further personalize your piece.



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Every book comes with gold gilding along the pages of the album for a clean, finished look. The gilding comes in different colors, but the gold offers an unconventional chicness I just adore.


Each book comes in its own home, the traditional case (that can be customized with your favorite image) or a high-end leather clutch (hands down, my personal favorite!).


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I just love all the stitching detail of this case.


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.. eeek!!


JLP Spring Mini Sessions


**updated info**


I wholeheartedly believe that your (new) family photos are incredibly important! Let’s document the beginning!


I am now offering 1 day of mini-engagement sessions in the Spring and 1 day of mini-engagement sessions in the Fall (Date TBA). Mark your calendars!


Here’s what’s included:

• A 30-minute mini-session with me (who just loves love)
• 10 of your best, fully edited, images
• Individual portraits of each of you (for each others wallet.. duh! ;P)
• Personalized online gallery for convenient instant downloads
• Full printing rights


I am offering an earlybird ticket special through April 23, so if you want to secure your spot for $159, be sure to register within the next two weeks and use the discount code earlybird !


Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE to claim your spot!


Exact location is still to be determined. Sessions will take place in the (North) Jersey area.
Rain backup date: 5-24-14