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It’s been a full week since I took down my ‘gone fishing’ sign and returned from maternity leave. I did struggle with extending my leave until the official start of my wedding season in May. I decided that, for now, I would return half-time. I believe this will help me define my ideal workday – challenging me to fully focus, spend less time mindlessly clicking, etc, ect – streamlining what works and truly giving my all to the work before me. This, in turn, will allow me to be fully present on my off days spent with my kids. I’ve also felt this immediate need to get my life in order now that I have three kids and focus on my Life To-Do List (which needs some more thought.. I may or may not be able to go surfing in Australia any time soon! ha!)


You’re probably asking three?! More on that later!


In the meantime, it’s my greatest pleasure to introduce you to Piper Quinn Goldschmidt.
(All these amazing photos courtesy of the lovely Jessica Morrisy Photography, except were noted)


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Piper decided to make her appearance two weeks early and was born on December 23, 2013 at 8:04pm. Weighing in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces at 19 inches long. I had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital alone – a total bummer – but Piper and I were released early Christmas Day. It was really difficult being away from Ezra the first year he was old enough to participate in the celebration (we celebrate and open gifts at midnight) so we celebrated that afternoon. Although, it was anti-climatic.. haha!


In comparison to Ezra’s delivery, or pregnancy for that matter, she was a piece of cake! Around my third month, Ezra began to lay on my sciatica. As he grew the pain in my legs became unbearable! It began with a dull numbness; I’d equate it to when you have a cavity filled, the numbness in your cheek that follows. It then became a tingling in one leg, then the other. That turned into a serious case of pins and needles. It eventually grew, into what I can only describe as, my legs feeling as if they were on fire. I could barely walk towards the end and had a serious case of the wobbles! ha! After an hour-and-a-half, my birthing nurse and a resident on top of me helping to push him out, he finally greeted the world. While pregnant with Piper, I did Crossfit until the end of my seventh month, then switched to yoga for my last trimester. To me, labor and delivery were a breeze (well, in comparison, haha!). My birthing nurse said my contractions were off the charts but, to me, it felt like bad menstrual cramps (sorry, TMI! haha). At six centimeters dilated I had to make the hard choice to get an epidural to speed things up (my contractions became sporadic and her heart rate would dip). Although I was disappointed I couldn’t delivery her naturally, I was thrilled for a ten minute delivery!


Out she came with all of her perfect parts.. My sweet girl.


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Ezra loves his new baby sister..


2014-03_Jessica Lee Photography_Blog Post_Welcome Back_0010

but this is what he really thinks! haha


2014-03_Jessica Lee Photography_Blog Post_Welcome Back_0011
(taken with my iphone)



The last three months in iphone-ography.


2014-03_Jessica Lee Photography_Blog Post_Welcome Back_0009


Then there was four.


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and what it really looks like to try and get one good picture.. haha!


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