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In an article about the Jersey shore, a planning tip suggested having insurance for unpredictable weather. With damage from Sandy still lingering, it’s a thought worth considering.


It’s something I never considered, nor did I know existed, when I got married. It probably would have been helpful considering $300 was stolen from my purse the night of my reception.


Here are some other wedding mishaps to consider:

1     A tornado rendered the venue uninhabitable.

2     The seamstress lost the bridal gown.

3     The tuxedos were double rented.

4     A drunk guest got into an auto accident.

5     The DJ went out of business.

6     The wedding gifts were stolen at the reception.

7     The groom’s previously approved military leave was revoked.

8     The bride’s father had a heart attack.

9     An elderly guest was knocked over and broke both of her hips.

10   The guests got food poisoning.


To read more mishaps and see the associated costs lost, go to Wedsure.



The Knot New Jersey (Fall/Winter 2013) p268


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For our first anniversary, I insisted Shelvie take me to Disney World. I never had the opportunity to go as a child and it was a must-do on my list. (I actually had to bribe him by pulling the birthday AND anniversary card). From the first moment we got off the plane and greeted by the Disney bus, I was swept away with that magical experience. I cried at Magic Kingdom’s prince and princess show and so did my sister-in-law when I convinced her to come back with me three months later!


I made a deal with Shelvie that we would return every five years (my condition) – but only if we had kids (his condition). Well, it’s been five years and guess what, we now have Ezra – that counts! ha! Last week we took our second, every-five-year, family trip to Disney. It was a short trip so we only visited two parks – we took Ezra to Hollywood Studios and enjoyed half the day to ourselves at Universal’s Islands of Adventures.


I must say that traveling with a thirteenth month old (plus being five months pregnant) did prove itself challenging – I think we spent more time changing, feeding and trying to get him to nap – but those few moments watching him take it all in was so worth it. He may not remember, but we will – walking through the Honey I Shrank the Kids Movie Set and going down the slide with dad, meeting Mickey (Mickey Mouse Club House is his absolute favorite cartoon) and his innocent hesitation and wild curiosity, then watching the Monster University’s Homecoming party where we were able to capture a 30-second video of him dancing for the first time.. all truly priceless memories for us!


On the third day of our trip, Shelvie and I had a day-date at Universal, where we spent the majority of the day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They were building it during our first visit so it was an absolute must this time around. Although, I’ll have to wait another five years to go on any of the rides.. how ironic! But.. I did try Butter Beer.. loved! (tastes like butterscotch and has a frothy caramel on top.. yumm!) and Pumpkin Juice.. yeah, not so much! (tastes like apple cider on pumpkin pie steroids – yeah, wasn’t my favorite. haha!).


I’m already planning our next trip five years from now and will be adding to the Family Vacation Pinterest board I already started. I was actually surprised to see how much you can do with a toddler once I started looking. In the future, I’ll be adding more cost-effective solutions for eating, the best places to shop, plus places to stay.


I would LOVE to hear about any good trips to take with small children. Feel free to leave me a comment below!