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Now that March is over and I’m looking at the middle of April.. April.. WOW.. how did that happen?! I, again, slipped into busy. It’s so easy to do. The new year and the promise of a fresh start, then life happens. Can I get an AMEN?! mom.. wife.. part time job.. business owner.. starting a new business.. did I mention being a mom? ha!


I took a step back – busy. unorganized. depressed. melt downs. frustration. unaccomplished. burn out. lack of motivation. – not what I expected as I stepped into 2013.


At the beginning of the year, I completed Lara Casey‘s Challenge (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I finally had some clarity – I felt refreshed, motivated and ready to take on 2013 – then never looked back. Because I had no real way of using the information I uncovered, I easily got distracted by life – client projects, a part time job, adoption (more on that later), a teething baby, a budding interest in having baby #2, a new direction in business, and the list goes on. Who here can relate? I’m an impulsive person, lead by my emotions (an area I want to focus on for 2013), and can easily be distracted when I’m not focused. When Lara released the Making Things Happen Powersheet set, I quickly ordered my copy! (check out her new shop here!)




When I received my copy, I was past burnt out and just plain angry. Angry with a life that was robbing me of what matters most. Working through the powersheets – a clearly designed process that sings to my inner type A personality, on paper so lovely that I want to screech in a high-pitched voice – I reconnected with that clarity again.


Here’s what I came up:


GOAL 1: Healthy Lifestyle

I want to learn more about a Paleo lifestyle. I want to learn how I can integrate it into our lives in a cost effective manner.

I want to raise Ezra in a healthy home where food is fuel, used to grow strong – to support his body and brain development.

I want Shelvie and I to live a long, healthy life together. One that is strong and active so we can enjoy making life memories, together and with our family.

Find a regimen that I love and one that is not work – be disciplined and motivated.

Support Shelvie and encourage him to become more fit.


GOAL 2: Food For Fuel

I want to learn more about eating clean. Get rid of the junk and replace it with fresh, healthy food.

I want to support local growers/ small businesses.

I want to teach Ezra to make smart food choices through my daily decisions.

I want to find nutritious foods, full of flavor, so Shelvie will make better food choices.

I want to support my family – develop healthy, functioning bodies, clear of disease and ailments.


GOAL 3: Faith

I want to be in God’s word so my faith and trust in Him will be deeper and unshakable. I want to be changed. To be guided to those things in me that needs attention. I want to learn more of God’s love and confidently be guided by him to change. I want to be sifted.

I want to know God’s love for me so that I stop competing and comparing myself to others.

I want to shed the distractions so I can boldly live the life he has for me.

I want to be led less by impulse and emotions and be fully focused on the steps God has already numbered for me. I want to focus on his plan for my life and lean on Him for direction, guidance and understanding. I want to fully give my life over to His will.

I want to use photography to be God’s voice and document missions – so that organizations may use those images for marketing and education. To be used as a connection between people and the truth.


GOAL 4: Marriage

I want to be guided by God, to have discernment and concentrate on the areas of my marriage that need my attention.

I want God to always be at the center of my marriage so He can show us how to have a true heart connection, one free of expectations, walls or anything that might divide us.

I want a long and healthy marriage so we might be an example for Ezra – for all our children – show them the true covenant of marriage. Provide a home that is full of love and joy so they can flourish in it.


GOAL 5: Balance and Structure

I want to learn how to be more efficient with my time. Cut out any distractions that prevent me from being my best self.

I want to learn how to shut work off and create boundaries so I can fully focus on family and my time with God.

I want to manage my time effectively and simplify so I can incorporate healthy meals (meal plan), play time (Ezra’s development) and grow time with Shelvie (bonding).

Create systems to help me manage my many hats – seek resources.

I want to decide on and cut the dead weight, the things that suck my time, energy and resources.

I want to learn to live with less – the things I do have are used with intention, are effective and produce good results.


GOAL 6: Friends

I want to surround myself with friends that will love and support me, who will pray for me even when I don’t know it.

I want to be surrounded by God-centered women, who will mentor me in life and marriage.

I want to find and belong to a small group or bible study.

I want a deeper connection with my small core group of friends and do more for others together. I want to be more prayerful for my friends, lift them up and do more things to make them feel special.

I want accountability.


GOAL 7: Design

I want to put procedures and guidelines into place that helps me automate more things in business and allows for more flexibility.

Create an effective workflow, one that works and allows more freedom from stress and worry.

I want to become more strategic in my designs so I spend less time exploring.

I want to be a better listener and communicator so I can to the heart of every project.

I want to learn how to do my job in a more clear, direct and more efficient way so I can work less and live more.

Be more strategic in my business – one that allows for profitability and finding my ideal client.

I want to bring prayer into my business – pray before making any business decisions or client designs.


GOAL 8: Being a Mom

Learn how to be a better mom and take the guesswork out of it. Read more, reach out, and seek advice and friendships, mentors, groups.

Help Ezra develop into a strong and smart man, one with respect and empathy. Pray for him often – to be strong and confident, but never arrogant. To have a drive so fierce that nothing stands in his way. That he is disciplined and determined and never rude, but will carry others when they fall short. No matter what career he decides to have in life, he does it to the best of his ability and with pride, respect for himself and others. He challenges himself to be great, never perfect, and never ever live by others expectations or opinions. That with anything in life, he will always turn to God first and me and Shelvie second.

Prepare more for our adoption – pray, read, and seek. Try hard to not be discouraged with the setbacks and disappointments. Know that God is in control and in His perfect timing this will come to fruition.

Pray for my son everyday. That he be healthy and free from sickness and disease. Pray that he be happy with us, his forever family. That we meet all his needs for love, and not be angry or resentful.

That he becomes a man of God, a true warrior in his faith and beliefs.

That he never comes under persecution or judgment for his skin color or birth origin. That people accept him with us and never turn a sideways glance. That he be strong and confident if they do, with respect and a willingness to show love and mercy.


GOAL 9: Photography

Develop a business that is built on stone vs sand – take the steps necessary to build a strong foundation. Seek wisdom and guidance always. Create an effective workflow, one that will allow profitability and flexibility in life – focus and move toward being a well-oiled machine.

Cut the things that aren’t working.

Make decisions.

Don’t be afraid to fall hard and fail big.

Study, invest, practice, research and commit to the craft. Always learn new things. Focus on one thing at a time.

Create a memorable experience. Inspire engaged couples to cultivate a lasting, lifetime commitment. With intention, nurture that connection through action. Support the newly engaged couple, helping to build a sustainable marriage.

Be a fun place to work where people are educated, inspired, challenged and have a personal investment.

Find clients, who value photography, enjoy the creative process, want to participate and are willing to spend money on the things they value.

Grow a winning network as an extension of the business – one that invests, helps me grow and establishes value.

Create a portfolio of artwork that highlights moments meaningful to the client and supports my brand message.





I realize this is a process and will change along the way. I’m so excited I now have an anchor, rooted to my core, to bring me back when I loose focus.



If you are interested in a process to help you reveal what’s at your core, start here! and let me know in the comments below so I can pray for you and your journey.