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He met her for the first time, a brief encounter when he bought a car from a friend, her then boyfriend. He vowed to never to look at a friend’s girl but something sparked in his heart that day. Not remembering that first encounter, she met him when they worked at the local Jiffy Lube — with said boyfriend. That was ten years ago.


During the summer of 2010, Orion reconnected with Heather through Facebook. A simple ‘hi’, led to many conversations late into the night, led to her taking an impromptu road trip across the country to visit him in Texas. The rest, is history.


The first time I met Heather I tried to steal her boots — like literally right off her feet (no really, I asked to try them on!). Needless to say, we became fast friends. It has been an honor to be a part of their relationship, watching it evolve and grow in love, then documenting that love at their wedding.



Isn’t this dress to dye for! It was her something borrowed – from Terese Smerklo, a coworker.



It all started to sink in when her mom placed the necklace around her neck – in a few short hours, she was to be married to her best friend, a true man of God, one who has never withheld an ounce of affection from her.



Heather, you are gorgeous.. really!

A special thanks to both her sisters for hair and makeup perfection. (Marisa Strazza, her youngest sister, works at Serenity Salon & Spa in Bloomfield and does amazing hair. Joy Strazza works in advertising, but is a natural when doing makeup.)



Orion, look at you, all dapper!



It snowed the day before and rained that morning, but the light coming in from the floor to ceiling windows at Rockaway Assembly of God was just breathtaking.



I don’t know what he whispered to her, but she giggled like a school girl with a crazy crush!



Traditional by nature, he was not originally on board for the first look (when a bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony). He later told me it was the best decision Heather could have pushed him into. It settled his nerves, allowing him to appreciate and take in each and every moment – truly captured by this expression.



It is said, “that is is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes an unhappy marriage”. You are my best friend. My very best friend, and while our love is already great, it will continue to grow into a bond that is far too strong to break. There was a time when a gentleman was judged on whether or not he was a man of his word. I will keep mine. I give my word, and commit myself to being the man God has intended me to be for you. I promise to love, respect, and care for you the rest of my days. To honor, provide, and serve you. To protect you. To be your shelter and warmth when it storms, and wherever God takes us. I vow to be your Godly, gentleman of honor, and integrity. I know life may not be as perfect as it is today, but I vow to always keep my love as pure as it is today. Heather Strazza, you are my precious one, my only one. You live within my heart and lie within my arms. I will always cherish you. Not just for what you do for me, or how you make me feel, but because of who you are. Your value to God as a child born in his image. I know I have been entrusted with the priceless essence of another human soul. So precious, that God himself paid the price to buy you back. And for that I am truly blessed. I am blessed to be able to call the most amazing, beautiful, loving, and radiant women I know, my wife. I love you.


Yeah, not a dry eye…



When people ask me why I’m a wedding photographer, it’s this moment, this one right here. The out-pouring of one’s heart. The vulnerability. The human-heart-connection. It’s the experiences shared between people. I’m truly blessed and honored to be entrusted to capture such moments!



Heather and Orion.. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your beautiful day. I am forever changed because of it!


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