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A remarkably warm spring day, a smooth timeline and paired up with an amazing team, equal the perfect recipe to photograph my first wedding of the year.

A beautiful day for Michelle and Chris that started with the grooms prep and ended at the beautiful Addison Park in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

Michelle and Chris opted to have their first look at a very special location, one dear to Michelle’s heart – Ocean View Cemetery in Staten Island, New York – were the bride’s grandfather was buried.

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time and takes place just before the ceremony. There are many reasons a couple may choose to have a first look, but most importantly it allows the nerves of the day to subside, centering the bride and groom, helping them to be more present during the ceremony. As a photographer, I love this – it allows for a smooth timeline, more available light and lots of picture time!

Right after the first look, I was able to grab some beautiful portraits of Michelle and Chris together. Michelle was just stunning!

Then it was off to the ceremony, held at The Church of Saint Clare in Staten Island, New York.

The reception was held at the Addison Park in Aberdeen, New Jersey, where we ended the night with the cake cutting.

Hair: (Mike from) Visage
Makeup: (Patty from) Visage
Florist: Flowers by Bernard
Wedding Gown Designer: Henry Roth
Groom’s and Groomsmen attire: Men’s Warehouse
Lead Photographer: Vanessa Joy Photography
Cinematographer: Rob Adams Films


Today I am finishing up my series on the make up of a brand. If you’ve missed the first two posts, catch up on them here:

Part 1: Brand Elements
Part 2: Brand Identity

For part 3, I’ll be talking about the Brand Experience.

Specifically, a brand experience is a brand’s action perceived by a person and is determined by a number of brand experiences over a period of time including one or more touch-points.

A touch-point can be anything from a sensation, feeling or a behavioral response to any brand-related stimuli – identity, packaging, communications and environments. So, the next time you purchase something from iTunes, talk to customer service at your local bank or walk into an Apple store, each experience will solidify an already growing perception, wither conscious or unconscious, of it’s perceived value.

We build our knowledge through interaction. This helps us to form an opinion that will help us to understand our experience with it. Everything about how a company does business constantly reinforces this perceived value. The smallest details and most subtle points can have incredible effects on the overall experience.

Creating a long-standing connection to your business’s brand experience is crucial and can be defined by the solutions you offer, who they are best suited for, and what your brand will feel like in the lives of your client’s. Getting off on the wrong foot can steer the remainder of a client’s experience the wrong way, forcing you to spend the rest of the time doing damage control.

Determine your value, declare a solution, then build the experience you want your business to be, not represent. Begin with why – what prompted you to open up shop. Then look at what experience you want your customers to come away with – what does your business look like, feel like, smell like, taste like? – these are your touch-points.

Clarity should be the focus of our approach. You have the ability to make powerful strides towards a better brand experience with

// A defined aesthetic
Is it consistent around one single idea or message?

// Thoughtful attention to detail
Is your workflow organized?

// Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses
Are you a micro-manager or can you delegate tasks to people who may be better at them then you?

// Managing client expectations
Do you under promise yet over deliver?

// Marketing to your ideal client and creating advocates out of them
Do your client’s respect your time and talents?

// Delivering quality services and goods
Do your products/ services warrant the prices you charge?

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