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Last week I started The Make Up Of A Brand Series, deconstructing the Wikipedia definition for a brand: any feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services different from those of other sellers.

All to often, the word brand or branding is used in the wrong manner (more on what a brand is, coming soon!), and confused with a brand identity. In the second part of this series, we will talk about brand identity.

The brand identity is any visual aspect that forms a part of the overall brand. It can be:

  1. A Logo (the symbol or icon that represents the entire identity and brand)
  2. A Color Palette or Scheme (the color palette contains all of the colors used in a project.. the color scheme is the intention for which the colors will be used)
  3. Any Graphics or Patterns (used to create style and appeal)
  4. Stationery (business cards, letterhead, personal note cards, envelopes, etc.)
  5. Marketing Materials (newsletters, website, blog, product look book, etc)
  6. Products & Packaging (products that you sell and the packaging in which you deliver it in)
  7. Apparel Design (t-shirts, uniforms, etc)
  8. A Slogan or Saying (a messages that is conveyed through direct (t-shirt) or indirect (commercial) modes of communication)
  9. A Character (a company mascot – ie.. the Geico gecko)
  10. Images (any image that represents a company brand – ie.. fashion adds or a photographer’s post processing style)

Three of my favorite brand identities that need no naming!

all images found on Pinterest

When sitting down with your designer to develop your brand identity, here are some things to think about:

// Does it reflect the personality and values of your business?

// Does it create value for your work?

// Does it speak to multiple audiences – including current customers, potential customers and those naysayer’s?

// Do the graphics or patterns chosen support the impression you wish to give of your potential client?

// Is it consistent around one single idea or message?

Hope this helps you when you sit down to define the brand identity of your business!





Staying true to form, I’ve created another inspiration board for the baby shower – this one, fun stuff for the guests to do!

Starting from the top, left

1. Special Wishes Cards via Emily Ley //  I thought this would be an amazing time capsule for my little man to look back on and read all the love his family has for him – could be wishes, bible verses or any love they want to share.

2. Polaroid guest book via On To Baby //  I love this idea. I thought it could also couple as a way for my guests to leave me and Shelvie their best baby advice.

3. Block Decoration via Bump Smitten //  In lieu of signing a guest block, guests at this shower signed a baby block. This, by far, is my favorite idea! and.. would be perfect to later decorate the nursery.

4. One-sie Decoration via On To Baby //  I’ve seen a few ways of doing this, check it out here, here and here – this last one being my favorite!

5. Make Your Own Necklace via On To Baby //   This would be fun to do for a sophisticated girl-themed shower!

6. Tile Design via On To Baby //   Hand designed tiles – a nice personal touch for the baby’s room. These would even be nice framed and used as artwork for the room.

7. Baby Bingo via On To Baby //   A fun game to keep the guest entertained during the shower.

8. Rhyming Station via On To Baby //   I love this and think this would be too funny to re-listen to my family and friends flow!

9. Baby Madlibs via On To Baby //   Another fun game to keep the guest entertained during the shower.

10. Custom Perfume Station via On To Baby //   This is another favorite! Perfect for a girl-themed shower.. although, I’m still considering it for my own!

As you can see, I’m in-love with On To Baby – it’s a great resource for shower inspiration (and you should see the nursery inspiration.. I die!). Another great resource for parties is Le Partie Sugar – tons of great pictures to get you inspired! One last website I go-to, after I check out Martha, is Hostess With The Mostess – one of my all-time favorites for party inspiration.

Have any good websites on your go-to list? Due share them in the comments below!




People often choose a product based on its perceived value, not its actual value – so, before diving into the process of creating a brand for yourself, it’s important to clearly understand each component that goes into the make up of a brand.

Defined by Wikipedia, a brand is any feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services different from those of other sellers.

These components can be broken down into three categories, brand elements and brand identity – making up the visual appearance of a brand + the brand experience – a less tangible means of communication, but equally important.


Can be the name used to identify the company or the visual mark that identifies the brand… in
other words, the name + logo or icon.

Some companies choose to do just a font treatment. Others, after years of a consistent brand message, drop the name all together.

When sitting down with your designer to dream up your company logo, here are some things to think about:

// Will you elect to have a logo/icon + your business name or just use your business name?

// What type treatment or font will you choose?

// Is the logo created easily recognizable?

// Is it simple enough to be scaled to fit a multitude of media?

// Is it relevant to your industry?

// Will it withstand the test of time?



I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t create an inspiration board for everything I do!

So, when whispers of plans for my shower hit my ears, I was all about injecting my two cents.. well, umm.. anyone who knows me, knows that’s a nice way of saying that I kindly took over! haha

My mom, bless her heart, has let me totally take over the details and she rallied in her troops (aka. friends, called in some favors, even got a cherry tree involved) to help make it come to fruition.
pun not intended.. haha

First up, the inspiration board I created for the menu:

all images where collected on Pinterest and can be found on my Shower board

Because I loove breakfast, we decided that brunch would be ideal. My mom and I are getting together on Sunday to finalize the menu – the star, her famous french toast!!

Challah Bread

Mix all the wet ingredients.
Place the big pieces of bread in a deep pan and pour the liquid mixture all over the bread.
Cover with plastic.
Leave over night in the refrigerator.
Bake 375 for 45 min the next day.
Crisp bacon – crumble and sprinkled over the top.

YES.. it IS as good as it sounds!!



I am THRILLED to introduce you to my little man..

We haven’t decided on a name yet, but we have two in mind. I like them equally as much.. I choose one, then the other. I can’t commit! I feel a name says so much about one’s personality. I want to make sure I make the right choice!

Shelvie and I wanted to make this a special moment for our family, so we decided to have an intimate dinner at our favorite restaurant, Bensi. For dessert, I made a three layer cake – the middle layer revealed the color of the baby’s gender.

Yes, buying a yellow cake mix was not the smartest decision. Art 101 – it didn’t even occur to me.. duh! So, instead of a blue cake it turned teal!! eeekk!

I had the most fun while making the banner, an idea I found via Pinterest.

This is my first attempt at making a 3-layered cake. I learned a valuable lesson – being an artist does not translate to being a cake maker! I also learned that icing acts as a glue and does wonders at hiding the flaws.. haha!

For the actual reveal, both mom’s cut the cake. I LOVE their reactions!!

You can watch a short clip of it here.

and.. You can catch up on my journey so far here.

PS.. I have 5 nieces – any advice for raising boys?!  I would LOVE to hear about your story – the joy.. the horror.. and everything in-between!!