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It was one of those chance encounters that turned into a truly memorable, life-changing experience.

I met Cassie after commenting on a post for volunteer’s – she was looking for other professionals to interview for her latest blog series. It was one of those leap-before-you-look kind of things. It definitely turned out to be a win in my favor, I met a truly remarkable women and got a chance to create a website design that stretched me as a designer.

With all projects, I start by having the client send me an inspiration board – could be a folder of just images, a highly designed Photoshop collage, a link to their Pinterest board – whatever speaks to them at the time. Cassie took it one step further! She ripped pages from magazines, then added stickies telling me what she loved about the page. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when a client participates in their own experience! I believe it’s so important to be personally connected to what they are doing!

Cassie wanted a site that was content heavy.. “organized chaos” she called it. It was also important to her to create a unique experience for her client that maintained an editorial feel. Together, we created a site that focused on her wants, infused with her personality, while giving her clients a fresh perspective at viewing her information.

Cassie’s inspiration, torn from an assortment of magazines.


Each page had a personal touch, but my favorite was the HOME page and how it highlighted one of her favorite quotes.


The thing that excites me the most about my new web design is the over all beauty of it. For the first time, I have a website that is exactly “me.”


On the meet CASSIE page, you can see what’s in her bag, read the same books she is or connect to the things that set her heart on fire.

Cassie wanted a different spin on the typical “things I love” set-up. Rusty, her fabulous husband, came up with “I AM“, and Cassie filled it with all the things that contribute to her amazing personality. Again, taking charge of her own experience.. LOVES IT!!!



My advice to anyone who is considering a new web design is DO IT!  (Just kidding. 🙂 ) My advice would be to leap fearlessly. Investing in something so large is a scary leap to take on. But you’ll not regret it.  The experience you receive alone is well worth the investment! The shiny new web design is just a perk. 🙂



For the GALLERIES pages, Cassie wanted something unique – a design that incorporated different sections that featured explanations and a combination of font styles.

She didn’t want to do the usual gallery layout, but maintain a unique experience for her client. Within each gallery display, different layouts were created that can be interchanged or kept the same – each display highlights an individual session or a series of similar sessions.



I definitely had fears going through the process. At times, I felt overwhelmed in making these huge decisions — not necessarily pertaining to the colors and the nit picky things– but more to the over all concept and the firm direction I wanted my brand to go. But once I made them, I flew. My brand and my art all had a cohesive direction, which further inspired me to revel in my own style.



LOVE NOTES show off the sweet notes left behind by her clients.




Dear Jessica:

When I first started this process, my website was bleh. My brand had no definition.  Over the last few months in working with you, I’ve developed my style. I’ve given my brand a life and my work has been more inspired than ever. I know that in going through this visual identity process with you has been one of the most rewarding things I could ever do for my business. When I started, I assumed I would just be getting a slap your momma good website. What I didn’t realize is that in the end, your friendship would mean so much more to me than my visual identity –which I might add is even BETTER than I could have ever imagined.  It makes the “slap your momma good” phrase seem so 1985. Words cannot describe how confidently I’ll be showing my work from now on. It’s much like buying an entirely new outfit at the mall — the kind that was made just for you– the kind that helps show your inner beauty by making you FEEL beautiful. That’s exactly what you’ve done. Your work and your friendship have given me the tools to make my business’ beauty shine. And for that, I’m forever thankful. You are a blessing! And I’m feeling such mixed emotions now that the process is over. Because that means I’ll just have to find different excuses to email you a bazillion times a day. 🙂

Thank you again.  I cannot wait to see what plans God has in store for you.  I’m honored to have been able to work with you!




A quick way that makes it easy for potential clients to CONTACT Cassie.

What sets Cassie’s heart ablaze! The MENTORING program is something she established to help budding photographers and is a definite MUST DO!!



The experience with you, personally has meant so much more than the web design. While at first, I thought I was merely hiring you to design, I didn’t know at the time, but God was placing a wonderful friend in my life.



Cassie now has a website truly authentic to her very core – reflective of her personality, attractive to her ideal client, packaged with a unique client experience. I’m so THRILLED for her!!

You can find more of Cassie..
on her WEBSITE
on her BLOG



While wearing my designer hat, I’ve been a busy bee:

Revamping Jessica Lee Media – less ‘look at my pretty work’ and more ‘lets get down to business’ – providing more information about the services I provide (logo, identity, website and branding packages), the cost, plus, most importantly, what is included in each package. 2011 was a HUGE year for me in business – figuring out what my brand is, who my ideal client is, how to best work for them, how to run a business effectively – Still not a well-oiled machine but working on getting there for sure!

I also created the JLM Collection, style groups for Showit websites. I produced this line of styles to offer small businesses an affordable alternative to building a custom website. This collection offers freedom and flexibility, providing those without the technical know-how to expand on an already constructed design style. I’m right there trying to live the dream too.. My goal with the JLM Collection is to provide new business’s that initial step up, giving them an opportunity to strategically create their own unique selling point and ultimately allowing them to distinguish themselves from their competition.

I recently had the pleasure of releasing a NEW custom Showit website design for the ever fab, uber talented Ms Cassie Jones of Cassie Jones Photography (more on that coming soon!).

While all that was going on, behind the scenes, in my personal life I was.. well, am.. making a baby!! My best creation TO DATE!!

I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps while I figure out this new identity, but would you look at that belly.. yeah, no longer hiding that my friends.. haha!

Until recently, I’ve been dealing with all sorts of emotions, ranging from severe depression – having to mourn my old life, lifestyle and what will be the biggest/hardest change for me, my career goals and plans.. to shear elation – I have this new life growing inside of me, my husband’s child. I could seriously not love that man more than I do now!! Even now, the tears well up thinking about this baby, a part of both of us, unifying us forever. What an amazing plan from God, truly!

I’m at week 16 and I’m just starting to feel the baby move. With each flutter, a love so fierce burns in my heart. A deeper understanding of God and His love for us. He knew me before I even came to be.. loved me so much that He sacrificed His only son so that I might choose life. A love I never truly understood until now! just.. WOW

It’s not fun watching EVERYTHING get bigger, but I am excited that I’ve finally gone from looking like I had a good steak dinner to whoa.. there is a baby in there! haha.. fun!!