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I’m so excited to announce the launch of the NEW Showit website design for JESSICA LEE MEDIA client, Maggie J Photography!!

Maggie contacted me when she won a one-year membership to Showit – an awesome drag-and-drop website builder, built for photographers, allowing them to have the freedom to take control of their web design. With no clear direction, we built a solid design, authentic to her and her vision for an ideal client experience.

Maggie wanted a design that clearly showed her passion for photography, as well as her clients. So, we highlighted this whenever possible, by using large imagery as a way to navigate the site.

At the end of 2011, this page will switch out and include a behind-the-scenes video! In it you will meet Maggie, get to know her on a deeper level and learn about her passion for photography. Through snippets of her time spent with client’s, you will see what it is like to spend your wedding day with Maggie, plus, get a glimpse into her shooting style. STAY TUNED!!

Here, large images are used to represent each gallery collection.

Love stories is an opportunity to view the full wedding collection.

For Maggie’s contact page we wanted to inject a bit of humor and not ask the typical questions.. while still being able to pre-qualify her brides.

The client lounge is my favorite section! A fun experience for both the bride and potential bride.

For the potential bride, it’s a place to go and see a highlight of what their wedding day will be like – a place for them to dream. It is also a place where they can read about the client’s experience through snippets of their testimony. For the bride, it’s an opportunity to see their day unfold with a gallery carefully selected by Maggie. They can view their personal online gallery and read about Maggie’s thoughts, via her blog, from here. By leaving a comment, friends can connect and leave their thought about the day. FUN!


Sickness, a delayed timeline or even Hurricane Irene could not stop the spirit of love that surrounded Becky and Chris on their wedding day.

Becky and Chris opted for a first look.. a private moment just for the couple. Chris’s reaction to his bride is pretty darn awesome. Not a man of many emotions, you could see it in his eyes when he looked at her.. the slight curl of his lips that said, he was in-love to the tenth degree.

Becky and Chris.. Thank you for allowing me to be there with you, on your wedding day. I felt like the luckiest photographer. ever! and incredibly blessed to be able to document your love.

To see more from Becky and Chris’s wedding day, feel free click HERE for a slideshow.



It was a harsh reminder of those years – divorce, abuse, betrayal, disappointment. It may have been overshadowed by some ca-razy hairstyles but it was in the eyes, I remembered her. The slideshow took me there, a retrospect of each phase of my life culminating into one life-altering moment.

I’ll never forget it. He sat there across from me eating disco fries. He didn’t say anything profound but in an instant God spoke into my heart. Like fast forwarding through an old VHS, I watched through the jagged silver lines, specific events in my life. In that moment, my life up to that point, made sense. It was God was saying, I know and I’m sorry.

When I told Shelvie we were going to get married, he didn’t miss a beat.. a calmness in him I have grown to admire.

Two months later we were engaged and six months after that, married.

I do often wonder what he really thought…

Happy Anniversary, My Love.

image by Josh Lynn Photography



I hate to be the center of attention, people staring at me, judging me. My wedding day was to be no exception. The cold sweats, the heavy thud of my heartbeat echoing in my ears – the. anxiety. consumed. me. He knew it without me speaking a word.

To convince me that eloping was not the answer, Shelvie had his brother create this montage of us – through the years – to be played during our first dance together. A small gift, a commitment, his way of saying: I’ll do whatever it takes.

With our anniversary on Wednesday, I pulled it from the archives. We haven’t watched it since that day, but when he rested his hands on my shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze, I knew he felt the same…

click on the image to view the video

**Sidenote: Be prepared to see some CRAZY hair! haha