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I’m so so excited to announce the launch of a NEW website design for good friend and JLM client, Katie McKnight of Katie McKnight Photography!

Katie was the first to respond to the current promotion I ran in celebration of my own site revamp. She had been using a Showit template and was ready to take her business in a new direction with a website design that was more authentic and reflected the images she created. I knew, when I received her multi-paged response, we would be fast friends.

My process – although extensive, is simple – a short questionnaire and an inspiration board to help express your concept. This two-step process really helped her to dig deep to the heart of her vision. Through this, I discovered her true mission is to celebrate relationships. She wanted a design that was clean, relaxed and welcoming. She loved the beach and wanted that to be infused into the look and feel of the overall concept.

The vision board I created, reflected a more current approach to that at-the-beach feel. The concept is warm, friendly and focuses on the relationship.

all images found on pinterest

Her NEW website design.

Katie didn’t want the typical landing page. She wanted a fun, interactive experience for her clients. So, for the HOME page, I used a new Showit feature (Show 112 – WOW Wednesday). Roll over each image to find out where it will take you! So much FUN!!

Katie’s main focus in her work is celebrating relationships. The COLLECTIONS page highlights this with a clean design, simple navigation and attention to what’s most important – the images created!

I love Katie’s ABOUT ME section – you really connect to her when you read the heart-felt story about her family.

Find out a little more about Katie on the INFO page. Learn about the packages she offers with just a click: name, description and starting price. Clean, clear and simple!

Katie wanted an easy way for new client’s to contact her, but didn’t want to limit them to just filling out a form. The CONTACT page will give her new client the option to choose how they want to contact her. Options – I love that!


I started reading The E-Myth Revisited two days ago.. In Chapter 2, Gerber introduces the fat guy/skinny guy within us all.

Meet the skinny guy: Your looking through your favorite fashion magazine when one particular model resonates with your ideal body image – could be her hair, the clothes she’s wearing, the way she is wearing those clothes. That’s it, you tell yourself. The next thing you know your cleaning out your frig, buying a whole new workout wardrobe – because if your going to get all sweaty, your going to at least look cute while doing it – and scouring every available fitness website praying there is a magic formula.

Your up the next day, bright and early, mentally ready to finally tackle this ongoing battle. At the gym, you work hard, pushing yourself, empowered with the “I will do this” attitude. It continues like this two, maybe three days.

Meet the fat guy: The forth day roles around and your tired, your muscles are sore.. maybe it’s raining outside, it’s cold. You tell yourself, I’ll go tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, so does the next day.. three days of laying on the couch eating a bag of Doritoes wondering what happened.

Sound Familiar? Yeah. I was the fat guy yesterday.. with Mesquite BBQ Kettled Cooked Lays, thank you very much!

Last night, I reread that part of the chapter. Pre-visualizing over those words set in italic: discipline, exercise, organization – trying to re-energize that stickler for detail. needs to move. lives for action – my inner skinny.

Back in January, I attended MTH NY – there I learned what it meant to set yourself up for success. Is it hard work, you betcha! Will it ever be perfect, heck no! Is it so worth it, absolutely!  Pre-visualize, download and do the work.

With winter just around the corner, it’s easy to throw on your big sweats, hibernate, and not come out until next Spring. For me, this is the time I hide under my clothes. Well, at insert coughing sound, and when the Spring rolls around, I’m finding it harder to shed that winter weight.. err.. insulation.

But… I will not be dictated by my circumstances!

Last night I downloaded a plan – on paper. This morning, I did the work.

Setting myself up for success, I created quick snack packs for easy snacking options. At the same time, I brewed my morning coffee and boiled eggs for a quick protein option.

What I believed would be a total time-suck only took me twenty minutes, less time then it took to take the actual pictures, haha!

Dig in, do the work, squash the air of assumption and set yourself up for success.

Happy Weekend!!



It’s clearly defined in their family mission statement: a desire to see others succeed – clients in their marriages and photographers in their work. Spend a day with them and you will see, it isn’t just their motto but infused into their very being.

In addition to their jam-packed wedding schedule, Zach and Jody travel the country teaching and mentoring other photographers. Last week, I had the opportunity to spend three days attending their workshop, IN-CAMERA, hosted in their hometown of Nashville, TN.

Their philosophy is simple, it doesn’t matter what kind of lighting situation you find yourself in – if you know how manipulate it or, if you have your own light and you know how to use it, you can shoot anywhere and in any lighting condition.

Day One, SHOOTING & POST, was all about natural light – how to find it, diffuse it, bounce it – so you can get a perfectly exposed image in-camera. every time. saving you from spending hours in Photoshop covering up for your mistakes.

(all of the following images are straight from camera with little to no retouching or color correcting)

You can see the harsh lighting in both demonstrations. By simply working with the light, diffusing or bouncing it, you can get a wonderfully lit image.

Day two, LIGHT – with a one-light setup, Zach, Jody and their assistant Matt, demystified off-camera lighting.

This image is my all-time favorite! Here we learned how to create Glamour Lighting, or as Zach likes to call it, the clam.
**If you look closely in Lindsey’s sunglasses, you can see the soft box (top) – creating the lighting effect, and the reflector (bottom) – adding a little fill light in.

My favorite part of the day was getting to set up a shot based on the type of lighting style I wanted.
This one was mine!

Another favorite from later in the day.

Day Three, BUSINESS AND MARKETING – Learning to execute the dream.

I went back and forth on attending this session – should I.. shouldn’t I.. I don’t know.. should I.. – I drove Shelvie crazy with my inability to commit. In the end, I decided to go – day three, for me, had the greatest impact.

“We are not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people business, serving coffee”
– Howard Schultz, Pioneer and Chairman of Starbucks

We spent the day learning what this meant: through our brand, how we market and the way we sell. They introduced us to their ground zero, their family mission statement, their litmus test.. is it working? This, for me, was profound (I have one for business but never thought to have one for our family). We talked about value, for our clients and in our profession. We then ended with a great discussion about the ever fleeting, work-life balance.

Thank you Zach and Jody, for opening your home and your hearts in the spirit of seeing others succeed!

Special Thanks to the Models! We couldn’t have done it without you three!!
Elly Jones
Lindsey Carpenter Kirkendall
Beverly Blair Hendrich