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For this wedding, I teamed up with Jessica Morrisy {shooting for Vanessa Joy Photography}. We started at the Saddle Brook Marriott then was quickly off to the ceremony at Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Jersey City.

After the full Catholic mass, Janine and John, their bridal party, plus the photography and cinematography (Michael and Michelle of Creative Video Editing) teams went to the Liberty State Park. There, I was able to capture these amazing portraits of the bride and groom.. how gorgeous are they!

After the wedding portraits, it was cocktails and the reception at the Venetian Catering in Garfield, New Jersey.


On a very HOT Friday, John and I {shooting for Vanessa Joy Photography}, spent some time with Michael and his groomsmen. Each guy got a fresh haircut before getting ready for the days events.

The ceremony, a full Catholic mass, was held at Saint Thomas More in Manalapan, New Jersey.

After the ceremony, we headed over to The Palace at Somerset Park. Even though it rained, that didn’t stop Corinne and Michael. They, along with their bridal party, braved the thick humidity and huge rain drops to get some fun bridal portraits under the second floor awning.

Their reception was held in the West Ballroom. A room designed to bring to mind a 17th century Venetian Palazzo – with a 24-foot ceiling, five crystal chandeliers and a romantic Juliette balcony.


March 13, 2010 – a date forever etched onto our hearts. Wet, cold, a cruelness that cut right to the bone. A viciousness that lingered as we watched, helplessly, as our church, our home, burnt to the ground.

I’ll never forget it, that night when Shelvie got the first text. We didn’t believe it. Then a steady flow of images followed. We were speechless.

A deep sorrow touched my very core. After years of searching, desperate, it was the place God called me to be. I met my husband there. We were married there. The visions of my children growing up there – being dedicated, building friendships, discovering love. All of it gone.. no concern of my feelings.. burnt to ash.. that fast.. I was heartbroken.

August 12, 2011 – a date forever etched onto our hearts. The heart shaped sticker from God that covered the scar, the day we opened the doors to our NEW HOME!

The band as they warmed up.

Where we came from, Where we are, Where we are going – delivered by Pastor Jim (top, left), Pastor Rick (bottom, right) and Pastor Doug (top, right).

We ended the service with I Am Free by the Newsboys. It was a sing at the top of your voice. who cares if I’m off key. jump up and down. powerful moment. YES!




I’m soo excited to announce the release of a NEW Showit website for Emily Kicklighter Photography! Please head over to her website and show her some love by leaving her a love note.

. . .

Emily had taken her site design as far as she could and contacted me to help bring it to the next level. Her vision was for a clean, sophisticated site. Something that highlighted her images and created a clear client experience.

I began by restructuring the layout, removing the drop shadows and relocating her logo to the top of the page. One of Emily’s concerns was that she had many options to navigate through. She didn’t want all of them displayed at once or constructed as a drop down menu. So instead, I created a custom navigation that would expand for each selection.




Instead of having all information contained in one spot, I created an ‘about’ area that highlighted Emily. An opportunity for a prospective client to — read about her and her style — see first hand, what previous clients felt while working with her — see all her favorite images from each wedding (also a special gift for that client).




An ‘info’ section was created to contain Emily’s published weddings and her collection details.


Even though the bride is who Emily serves, the mother of the bride is her client. Her portfolio section had to be one that resonated with both women. She had come to learn that the mothers liked to look through all the images, seeing the story be told.. but the brides, wanted fast, easy access – to be able to view images quickly to see if Emily’s style was compatible with their own.

I created a straightforward design that was conducive for either audience. Mom’s get to sit through a slideshow, watching as the day unfolds. Bride’s get to click through a large formatted thumbnail gallery, for a quick glimpse and the option to select the ones they want to see larger.




For the ‘contact’ page, I elected to stay with a clear, simple way to reach Emily – also serving those mother’s who aren’t technically savvy.




For ordering, Emily’s client’s, along with their families and friends, would use her site as a way to connect to their personal online image gallery. The original ‘client’ page was cluttered and didn’t allow for Emily’s client options to grow.

I proposed Showit’s scrolling gallery. This allowed a client (family or friend) to quickly find their online gallery by searching for their image. It also allowed room for growth – as Emily works with more couples, she can just drop their selection into the gallery.



View the NEW website here.



Shelvie and I drove through the night. We got there too late to see anything, but my whole body tingled in remembrance as soon as that thick, muggy air hit me. If the memory were a flower, it would smell like fresh cut grass after a long, hard rain on a hot, muggy, summer night.

Every year until the age of sixteen, I would make the eight hour trip to spend the entire summer
at my gram’s. Long, hot day’s spent laying on the dock and swimming in the lake. Night’s spent lounging on their green pontoon, fishing for catch fish – playing rummy on the porch under the green cast of the 60s-style, glass chandelier – and watching the Ms Teen USA pageant.

Memories of being a daredevil — driving their golf cart, pushing it as fast as it could go, racing up and down the dirt roads — being whipped around the lake on water skis, a knee board, anything that would float. One summer, my grandpa masterminded a combo sit-ski, a chair on skis. Yup, it was as rickety as it sounds, but guess who was the first one to volunteer to test it out, this girl right here!

The temperature was in the triple digits while we were there – hot was an understatement – but almost twenty years later, my heart was full of such joy in remembrance of a slower time. Every
time I stepped off my gram’s porch, I wasn’t 33, I was that 12-year-old girl again, when the days were long and the summer’s endless.